The ultimate gift (Poem 24)

The gift that matters most in life
The gift that holds the keys to your destiny
The gift of peace, is it the gift of joy
The gift of happiness or is it the gift of love
What truly matters is the ultimate gift
One that holds no bars
No favors no grudges no handles
The gift that teaches, guides , protects, heal, brings back all to our remember
Seek for it today it’s available to all
The ultimate gift is what matters most in life

All rights reserved copyrighted(c)2020 Roxann A Harvey-Lawrence

One thought on “The ultimate gift (Poem 24)

  1. I loved this poem Roxann! You write with beautiful imagery and the personification of “this gift” is wonderful…” the gift that teaches, guides, protects, heals”…Note, you need and “s” here. This is a wonderful poem and I love how the first line is repeated and extended as the final line. Well done!

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