One Last Time #24

Let’s take a walk
One last time
Through the canopy
And laugh like we’re five
Let’s sit down
Share a worry or two
Dream about days ahead
All the things we know we’ll never do
Let’s reminisce
Of the days we climbed mountains
Of the days you fell, the days I ran
Of risks and hopes and holding hands
Let’s unwind
And look at the stars
As the cold descends
Knowing this won’t last
Let’s breathe together
Wipe a tear away
Sparing ourselves the pain of words
And linger as the end comes to stay.

8 thoughts on “One Last Time #24

  1. This is wonderful. You brought my BFF to mind with “All the things we’ll never do” because…seriously…who doesn’t daydream big schemes with their BFF? This is a great poem for old friends…love it. LOVE it.

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