Sunrise #13

If you go to the lake between the mountains
At 5 in the morning in the Fall
You will see Little Tommy and his dog
Readying their wooden boat

Little Tommy wears a red scarf
And yellow beanie with a hole
His brown jacket is faded thin
His necklace holds his mamma’s soul

Little Tommy is quiet
You can greet him but he’ll just smile
Some days if you look closely enough
You can see some tears behind his eyes

Little Tommy sits in his boat
Waiting for the sun to arrive
He wields his powers of serene silence
And brings calm after a chaotic night

Little Tommy hums a song
So quietly even he strains to hear it
But it’s the song he sings every morning
Along with the cold wind that blows

Little Tommy does not have much
But he never fails to show up
It’s the little things that count, his t-shirt says
It looks like he painted it himself

Little Tommy paddles back to shore
Gently smiles at you again
And you wonder at what humanity is
When you think of him again

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