A Time Capsule -Poem 5

A time Capsule- Poem 5


A living memory to carry on

When I am gone beyond

A life jacket to save me

When I fly and am no more

Horse carriage and treasures


A memory of my likes and dislikes

My ceremony of songs I like

Photos of me as a child

Memories I left for my child

White suit for my frame my child


Loving bath to relax

Breathing music to the ear

Soaking atmosphere


Bottled place of safety

My memories secure within

Sealed with love to begin

Wooden cross and charity begins

To carry on to heaven within


Angels of delight to secure

My breathe and love to despair

Gold, Jewellery to find a love to repair

Mum has gone to heaven at sheer

Hidden away to be no more


Buddhism relaxes

Lampshade a light to secure

Candlelight a pleasure



@Sabinah Adewole 26/06/2021


Haiburn originated in Japan combination of Prose and Haiku

Autobiography, Diary, Essay, Prose poem, Short story and travel Journal.




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