Can we weather climate change

weather changes, climate changes

what does it all mean

hasn’t it happened before

will it happen again

what does it mean to me


this is what i think

nature is never static

and neither are we

we do have a problem though

don’t you see

our problem is our sight

we can’t see the key


we hear it everyday

people that say

never seen this happen

throughout my days

and yet people ignore

what many scientists say

change is a coming our way


the change that is coming

we will make

because we ignore the signs we see

and put them off to natures take

people are so opaque


they think what they do cannot really change

what happens on earth every day

and yet it seems clear to me

that weather shows us in many ways

that climate is changing with probable cause


the changes we see should give us pause

and we should consider well before we make faux pas

for if we don’t we will surely see

what these actions mean to me.

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