Godzilla Alebrije – hour 23, prompt 23

If pet imagined, it would be

my beloved Godzilla, all healthy

bright and bubbly, neon green-y

my spirit guide, alebrije

perching on my shoulder near

watching o’er the others there

soothing my worries,

healing my fears

an acrobat he’d sometimes be

run of the house, he’d jump with glee

back and forth, from knee to knee

when I miss that creature live

I rub ghost belly and watch him thrive

closing eyes in love sublime

he brings back his real face to mine

lime green, long tail, around finger entwined

and when the day is almost gone

I put him in his terrarium

where he was king anole

and others loved him,

including mum

and soon he rests

on invisible tree.

(I miss you, my sweet baby.)

– Sandra Johnson




2 thoughts on “Godzilla Alebrije – hour 23, prompt 23

    1. Thanks so much, Angel. This is one of my favorites. I lost Godzilla last year after 3 years of having him. Caught him wild and tamed him. That picture is my favorite of him too. ❤️🦎

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