Into Japan – hour 11, prompt 11

Into Japan I’d like to roam

amidst cherry blossoms’ sweet perfume

konnichiwa as I kowtow

when meeting those in kimono

at giant red torii respectfully gaze

and simple Buddhist shrines amaze

its food, my favorite sushi bites

red and orange, black and white

the shodo, or calligraphy

and painting fascinating me

the brush’s art in every letter

seems light and dainty like a feather

the bonsai, it’s a careful tree

pruned ever so unnaturally

yet its tiny winding way

intimidates and awes my stay

no comfort comes though if I squeeze

into a cubicle meant for sleep

or a subway packed to brim

where workers fight to get in

her scrapers shout neon reds and greens

while bars pulse with karaoke scenes

she’s stunning, I can easily say

I’d love to visit in person one day.

– Sandra Johnson

4 thoughts on “Into Japan – hour 11, prompt 11

  1. You evoked some memories for me. I thought you had been to Japan from the images you create here. (I lived in Japan for 2 years.)

    I like the active verbs throughout your poem except for one line: “the bonsai, it’s a careful tree”

    I found the passive “is” a bit jarring even though it’s contracted. It struck me wrong for some reason.

    Is it possible to replace that contraction (including the “a” article after it) with another word. It doesn’t even have to be a verb. Just a thought.

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