Ode to Babies – hour 21

They laugh and they sigh

but babies do cry;

a form of speaking, aye!

An automatic and frantic spike

of infants and toddlers alike.


First motionless and cradled,

now flip and they wobble able

and once helpless bait

now prey like sharks in wait.


But it’s tit for tat

and curiosity that

keeps them crawling for binkies

possible crumbs, wanted toys;

they rattle and shake these.


As for diapers, they do

have a lot of funky poo

and clean up we rue

when sometimes they spew –



And alas, soon they stand;

they wobble and land

on their bottoms, and then,

try again, and again.


Next, they will babble

shake and bounce; they will dabble,

wave a little, bark

and clap like baby sharks.


Finally, first steps they make!

I’m sad, while they take

longer walks on the floor,

babes no more,

blooming toddlers out the door.


– Sandra Johnson, 6/27/21







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