Ode to Light – hour 20, prompt 20

Light, I sit and wait for thee

fragmented in my iced tea

ripples reflected in coffee

while I arise to meet the day

gold shining ball blinds my work-way

speckled alight the balls of dew

catch the sun on flowers too

it’s dimmer, when babies slumber take

and glowing, while I’m wide awake

while writing poems and tomes alike

or shimmering snake-like in the waves

moonlight beams are all the rave

and sunset, purples, oranges, blues

ends the day, but light’s there, too

fires my imagination anew

and right before I sleep and dream

my phone’s glow is the last I see

till sunrise brights the day with glee

or should I die, in wonder, me

where luminous gates and heaven be.

– Sandra Johnson

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