Arcana’s Protection

(for hour 19—the image prompt of Arcana’s shore for Onweald)


Arcana’s Protection


Arcana Scheld arrived with a high tide off the Meredore

Spray from the ocean wet her face

And misted her eyes a faerie gray

Suitors flocked like seabirds

Pecking at her shawl

Offerings to a fresh maiden

Trite pleasantries


Overtures of marriage

Odda Taiman put them all to shame

He alone ripped the Freotho Mountains apart for her

Shaped a castle from rock for her

Where the cliffs meet the shore, he named for her

And suitors scattered in fear of him

He cast a web of protection along Arcana’s harbor

And built the foundation of Onweald’s success because of her

Arcana Scheld brought a high tide off the Meredore

And the world was better for the love of her

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