(from the hour #20 prompt)

By Sandy Lender, attributing it to Nigel Taiman in my world of Onweald


When I awoke today the suns didn’t rise

Darkness clouded every valley

I had only to pick one to fall into


When I awoke today your end was still real

Dezurine wept for our souls together

And the army of Arcana dispersed

In despair


Your quest may be mine now

And I’ll do what you’ve asked of me

Because I love you like the suns that will never rise again

And I love you like the valley clothed in darkness

Yet I grieve with the anguish of The Dragon

I could fill another river with my tears

And dip you ’neath its rapids to heal you

If it means the suns will somehow rise again

Lighting the valley left around us

So I can see when you return to me



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