23. Father Figure



You taught me how to throw a spiral football.

How to play tennis, and golf, and so many other sports I can hardly keep count.

When it came to tennis you are always willing to play.


I wish I understood football more, not soccer so much, my younger brother taught me that.

I wish we were closer now that you moved.

You and mom are as far away as you can be, but thanks to technology we can talk and video chat when you are free.


You’ve read so many books that I envied your tenacity lovingly.

“The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran, Historic novels by James Michener, even “The Hobbit” …

One day I’ll get to them all…or at least a few.

In the meantime I’ll take up a basketball game when my body heals and celebrate the Raptors winning the championship…


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