24. Love more

Love is so much more than I could ever understand.

I thought I would have to cry.

I believed I would have to hurt.

I imagined it would be a strain.

I was never so wrong.

Our love was not born in vain.

True I did all the above.

I know it’s hard to judge.

I had no need to be jealous or heartbroken in the least.

Your love always made me feel light as a dove,

Even when I thought I was not good enough for love.

The kindness you gave to me I was not ready for.

Your heart is strong like your love.

I have to protect it from any harm.

Thanking God from above.

I cherish so much more than I can say.

I live in gratitude each day.


All rights reserved copyright (c) 2019 Natasha Vanover

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