3. Police Shootings

Police Shootings inspired by Bop Poetry

The sirens don’t always go off when the camera captures the act.

If we are lucky we get to see what happened on the news.

Not from a police dashcam but from an innocent bystander who happenstance captures it on record.

The pain becomes real all over again.

Why is it that society is first to judge the victim’s history without realizing that an injustice has been enacted?

What can we do to bring peace to our streets before we can wish peace on earth?


So here is the deal, if I knowingly or unknowingly use counterfeit money at a store is my punishment death?

Can I travel to and from the outskirts of town on foot without being followed or assaulted?

Can I sleep in my bed and wonder if I will wake up alive?

Am I wrong to wear a ski mask in the middle of summer without being judged unfairly drugged and killed?

Imagine if i did not speak English and tried still to defend myself would I be treated just unfairly?

Would my fate be any worse if I were male or female because unfortunately, my one determining factor is race.

Even though you can’t even determine my ethnicity unless I revealed it to you. If you judged me by skin color you would be wrong.

How can we stop the brutality when we know that inequality is only a part of pain that has not been healed?


The solution is not as easy as it is to discriminate based on race.

Yes the police are potentially put in harm’s way every day on the job so that makes it even more crucial that we close the gap.

We are not asking that the police go rogue on everyone or to balance the brutality among the people regardless of race.

We need to reallocate the funds.It’s time to restructure an organization we the people gave the power to serve and protect.

This has gone on far too long and we expect the enforces to change a system we as society help perpetuate.

We did not scream loud enough that we were being killed,and as we were dying the inequality created a larger crevice on both sides.’

This is a perfect example of when you see a wrong being committed you can’t be strong and continue to take the abuse.

How can we stop the brutality when we know that inequality is only a part of pain that has not been healed?


Inspired by the words of Zora Neale Hurston…”If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.”



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