Between 20 and 21

“You rest; I’ll pray,”

A friend told me the other day.

Four simple words,

And I’m reduced to tears.


Because, for so long

I thought I must be strong

And stay awake

And pray for God to hear.


The cries of so much subtle chaos

Of which I am in charge,

To not lay down my duties

And the tasks I had at large.


But here my friend was saying,

“Go sleep; I will keep guard.”

“Go be at ease; You’re not alone,”

“Soldier, I’m on duty now”.


And so, I laid my pack aside

And I slept a deep, deep sleep

And knew on my behalf,

Between my friend and God,

There was nothing I need do.

Nothing they wouldn’t keep.



Aside: Here we are, before the Sun comes up, dragging ourselves through. Imagine if another poet said this to you…You sleep; I’ll write. And you were relieved of duty, just when you were too worn to muddle any further. <3

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