H13: Herding Cats





Move along, little dowgies,

Er, uh, kitties

Move along more.


Feed and water,

Scoop, scoop, scoop.

Lint Roller roundup

For the whole troupe.


Two fetch, one rolls over,

Especially for treats.

And one eats bones

that a dog likes to eat!


Peekaboo, Junebug, Gomez, and Daisy

Laying around, just being lazy,

Until one wants to play

And the others go crazy!


And one that’s in love with a glass garden bunny.

We watch her snuggle and think that it’s funny…

It’s cheaper than counseling—cat shrinks cost money!


And then there’s the one that uses the can…

Yes, he sits there—at least that’s the plan

But we can’t get him to flush—just like a man!


Then as twilight fades and the stars all light,

We each have a snack and turn in for the night.

And four little furries cuddle me tight.

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