H24: The Gifting

The 24th prompt: quite a gift, I would say,

As I sit here awaiting it given away.

Though, like Christmas I’m certain, that no sooner done,

I’ll be sad that it’s over and plan the next one.

Like some Christmas thingie, with twenty-four treats,

That mark time til the next time, and won’t let you eat

Whatever, whenever, in one gluttonous gulp–

But give the treats metered (so you don’t throw up).

And here I sit, sugar-plums wedged in my head,

to get it all finished, and just go to bed!

One thought on “H24: The Gifting

  1. Always a pleasure reading your work. These poems are surely like presents, only wouldn’t it be cool if we’d write them during Christmas in July? Almost, anyway.

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