Hour #9, Prompts 11-12

A Love Letter

Hope Never Dies
in The Gone World.
Will Only Hurt a Little, like
Taking the Arrow out of the Heart, despite
Cravings: Hunger for More.

What is Real?
The Order of Time –
How to Invent Everything,
Be Prepared.

There, There
Woman in the Window,
Everything Here is Beautiful – The Map
of Salt and Stars,
All the Little Lights.
Little Fires Everywhere
Burn Bright,
All the Light We Cannot See.

Wade in the Water,
The Ocean at the End of the Lane.
In The Great Alone, I have
Room to Dream.
Still Me, Becoming
A River in Darkness.
A Force of Nature.

You Go First
On the Path Between Us.
Year One will be
Not That Bad.
I don’t need
Useless Magic;
Something in the Water
offers Brief Answers to the Big Questions –Who We Are and
How We Got Here –
The Astonishing Color of After.

You Think It, I’ll Say It:
I Was Born for This,
A Spark of Light
Taming the Sun –
Heart Talk in the
Dark Between Stars
An American Marriage,
our House of Dreams.
A Love Letter.


I took several titles of current books from the Goodreads site, turning it into a found poem of love and light for my recently departed husband.

One thought on “Hour #9, Prompts 11-12

  1. Goosebumps! I am so sorry for your loss. It is a beautiful tribute to your husband and I love how you arranged the titles in the stanzas to thematically link to one another. I teach ‘book spine poetry’ to students in my workshops on poetry – they love arranging the titles and then taking a picture of them. You took this to a whole new level! Hugs, and thanks for sharing!

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