Silence Falls


Silence falls tonight, my eyes unable to see my lovely silver orb of light.

I see no heavens, no earth, no beacons of light,

shining from millions of miles away

in the celestial seas of unknown delights.


So many unknowns I’ve dreamt about, happily lost in their impossibilities.

But tonight I do not dream – 

not of raspberry Milky Ways or earthly endeavors.

Silence has fallen, within and without,

and I’ve drifted to some place I do not know, do not recognize,

and yet I know how the drifting will end.

The blessing of knowing too often is a curse.

The silence within comes in blessed dulcet tones, that indeed can be heard, 

as if bliss kissed my lips with a rich and sweet Merlot.

But the silence from without echoes like a cavernous roar, 

forcing their bitter herbs down my throat, 

reminding me of a truth I wish I could forget.

But truth is forever.


I drift now, wishing hazily that I could bend and move through time.

Where I could change the unsavory memories

and keep the incandescent moments,

every moment I floated on pure happiness and joy.

I remember you –

every face, every voice, every smile.

I caught you as you blinked and tucked you inside my heart.

You do not know how much love my heart holds for you –

you cannot know.

Indeed love is a double edged sword,

and as I pull it from my heart to give to you, 

I feel the stinging void of all those I’ve had to leave behind.


I smile through burning tears…

understanding… always understanding.

I drift upwards now, hovering above the undulating masses, and I know.

I live, I dream, I love.


Only I know how this drifting ends.

The Milky Way still waits for me to taste its raspberry sweetness.

The silence will linger as I drift further 

from the silver, dusty orb I long to stand upon. 

This bliss, the only kiss I shall know, too drunk upon its wine,

to mourn never knowing his lips, though freed from the screaming room. 

I shall linger and awake to the chaos of the day.



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