When Night Descends

Rain melts the twilight sky as cresting waves pound the shoreline.
Wind lift me up, let me swim in the Milky Way –
its raspberry sweetness on my tongue, as dreams pass this dreamer by.
I caress the stars above, kiss the moon with tender lips,
and bathe in its silver luminescence.
The warmth of your hands cocoon my soul,
as I dream of the one smiling back at me.
Dip me in your pools of beauty, remove my flesh –
my crimson silk as sweet as liquid gold.
Whisper my name, and I will hear you.
Reach for you, and I will feel you.
Linger with me in the unknown, see me through the darkness,
and I will see your face.
Your loving smile, the warmth of your hands, seducing me back to life.
Twilight is gone, night descends and my dreams awake.
Memories taunt the familiar ache in my heart.
A chance was all it took, a chance I never got.
Shards of broken glass fill my cup,
every clock’s ticking hand reminding me of time’s finality.
I fought every seen and unseen war, and lost.
And then with my heart bleeding in my hands, I foolishly gave up destiny.
The cobalt sky descends, bleeding onyx into my memory,
as old dreams painfully awake.
Remove the light of your liquid silver, holding my breath, and grip my hand,
let me drown in your beauty.
With solar warmth burn me up, birth me into another world.
Falling stars, fall with me.
Pearlescent wings unfold, fly me up into eternal night’s bliss.
Venom of fantasy hunt me, take me, transform me.
Deity of all deity’s, make the impossible real, despite the dust that I am.
Congeal, bleed, flake, let me be what I dream of being.
Champion who will guide, I call to you. I wait for you.
Silent in the void, cocooned in the light that only you will see.


7th out 12

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