Prompt 11, hour 9 ( instructions for spiritual living)

instructions for spiritual living

Walking hand in hand
the sky and land
become one
Universe sees itself
your eyes.

You are
the composer
Maker of your
own reality,
Your destiny

Work in tune
And Harmony
with nature

Looking down
at the path
We get indications
of obstacles
and objects that you
shouldn’t step on

Not to dismiss
the path to
believing that
ego-self is
all there is

4 thoughts on “Prompt 11, hour 9 ( instructions for spiritual living)

  1. Your modus operandi seems to be short line poems (not that there’s anything wrong with that) … although short lines do give a sense of pace, of rushing … the content of this poem hints that maybe playing with longer lines & stronger enjambments will help add a calming influence to the poem which mirrors the theme

    Just a thought

    Hope this helps

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