hour 4. 12:02 PM.

people like us
don’t get to say goodbye
we don’t have the time to do so
and if we did, i’m sure
we would be doing other things
that we would consider more important
like making memories on balconies
and watching sunsets on beaches
and dancing in the dark.
and we did do those things,
until we ran out of time
and ended up back at square one
in algebra II honors,
learning about how to add imaginary numbers and
how to make the boy two tables over
on the corner seat facing the board
fall in love with you without
breaking your heart to pieces
like when I swung the bat too hard
in fourth grade and did that exact thing,
but with your window.
looking back, i guess
i never really learned anything in that class
other than the fact that
a distance of two tables
could really feel like two light years sometimes.

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