Poem13/24 “The Road Less Traveled”

Along the journey of life

There’s always two sides

One, who will lead to succeed

The other who will lead to drift

Two side built the same structures

Same features

Same fruits

Same roots

Each side has an options

Has an reflections

Has an regrets

Has an visions

The other side might have short cut

To let the traveler not get tired

But nearly, the endpoint will arrived

Didn’t know if the traveler will survived

The other side might too long

Too risky to prolong

More challenge, more cautions

Where a side, a traveler may belong

Its a matter of a good choice

Act not only by a voice

Its a matter of a very good desicion

Where a traveler can lie his motion

As a traveler to different ways

Think more than twice as those sun rays

That in the end

No regret

Don’t choose an easy path

It will pushed to an empty heart

Where a traveler can’t come back

And no place to start

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