Poem15/24 “A CHANCE”

A second chance is hard to give

Specially when I knew you will cheat

But when you plead

And humbly sorry creed

I will give you a second chance

Rather than ignorance

I will give you a chance because I love you

Not only words you know

But the foundation we had

An unconditional love

That make us firm

That holds us tight

Those prayers we made

Along those tidal wave

We swam, we sunk

We fought, we love

Hope you won’t waste

A love, a chance

Hope you will change and develop

Hope you won’t regret when you come back

Be a man, and renew everything to make it right

Be a man, that you deserved a second chance light

Be a man that you deserved love

Like what we had promised “love, if we had a chance”

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