Poem22/24 “tRuE LoVE”

Love is a magical word

Where two person felt a love in their heart

Even how far each other

They will sacrifice to find ways to embrace

There’ll be people around who’s envy

Making stories from one person to another

Making those couple separate

With no specific reason to take

What about those vows?

Those promises?

Its just like that!

From a one envy family nor friend

A tongue can ruin one love

Yes! They are separated!

And those people around them cheer!

Ola! At lastt! That girl is a slut!

And you don’t deserve her!

The girl, named Maria walked away

Still hoping for the love she play

And the boy named Mario find another wife

That his family accept

He don’t love the second wife

He also long for the love he play

He seek Maria

He found, but

Maria doesn’t want to live with him

In order to avoid gossips and trouble

Yes! They are separated

Yet, a very good communication they kept

A string of “love”

They use to play

Within those vows, and promises,

Along those wrinkled bruises

They separate

They communicate

They love




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