Hold Me In This Vessel


Sixth Hour

Hold Me In This Vessel

My life is suffering so much stress,
I’ve fallen down,
things are just a mess.
When I tried to pick up the pieces,
it was clear, it’s just a test.

This body is broken,
my joints are torn,
my soul is ripped apart
and my psyche worn.
I am tired of being defeated
lost and forlorn.

My hope is shattered,
my dreams long gone.
I have no peace,
and I have lost my song.
Life for me is one loud sounding gong.

I feel like Job,
alone and sick.
It’s as if someone is playing
a cunning trick
on me that makes me stagger,
give up and slip.

No one understands or
has time to spare.
The roar of this life brings
sleepless nights and despair.
I sometimes cry out
“Lord, are you here, do you care?”

Please hold me in this vessel
until you come,
pull me up to where
I’ve fallen from,
to the secret place close
to your kingdom.

Hold me in this vessel,
seal me with your love.
restore me by your power,
from Heaven up above.
I need you Father,
shield me with your love.

I’m at my wits end Lord,
please, help me stand!
Help my unbelief,
I’m doing the best I can.
Make it plain LORD,
so I’ll understand.

I have got to finish my course,
and make it through,
but no one can help me
The way that you do.
Help me change my point of view.

Please hold me in this vessel,
until I can be found.
Bring your word to my remembrance,
place my feet on solid ground.
Grant me peace and a mind that is sound.

Hold me in this vessel,
cover me by your blood.
Deliver me out of the waters
and the deluge of mud
caused by the flow
from this torrential flood.

Please hold me in this vessel
until you come…for me…for me.
Please Lord!
Hold me in this vessel
until you come.

City of Compton
June 22, 2019@13:02


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