I Saw The Magic in Suffering

Fourth Hour

I Saw the Magic in Suffering         Prompt#4

The longer I suffered
I saw a light illuminate and
pain became an old friend.
It did not end.

I struggled through
wondering what could
anybody gain
from ruthless and persistent pain?

Laying in expectation of
deliverance rallies hope.
The power to evoke
the strength to overcome
Is nothing short of Magic.

Suddenly my head rose high
like a prize winning stallion,
gallantly strutting through,
wearing my medallion.

I drew closer,
to the end of the battle
my senses frayed
tattered and rattled.
The vision of victory
just straight ahead,
I rose up, a Champion
from my bed!

Compton, CA 90222
June 22, 2019@10:46

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