Letter to the Generations

Third Hour

Letter to the Generations

Dear New and Coming Generations,
Baby Boomers, Millennials, Generation X.
What will be your legacy,
your history, your next?

Will your mark on this planet bare fruit,
or seeds of  destruction?
Who will lead the nations,
what standards need reconstruction?

The scholars, the priesthood,
the rank and the file,
Will they leave dynasties or desolation,
bitterness and guile?

Mark the generations from the first
to the last,
what lessons were learned
from our antecedents,
and from your past?

Will each nation erect towers
to rise high through the clouds,
and feign superiority in wisdom,
right in the face of God?
Will they turn their swords into
Plows making fertile
this barren sod?

Consider the man, woman, and child
and number their days,
Will long life and prosperity
be their reward?
Will millions die young,
From poverty and wars?

Generation to generation,
lend me your ears.
What will you do in
the next one hundred years?
Will the new, accuse the prophets
and execute the seers?

What gifts, what legacy,
What universal laws
Will be etched into stone?
Will they stand immutable,
Unbreakable, world-wide inherited,
forever renowned,
as the irrefutable
Highly Merited…
The Chosen Generation?


Compton, CA 90222
June 22, 2019@10:35

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