Poetry Marathon Anthology – Call for Submissions

Second Hour


Music is my sanctuary,
I make homage to this throne,
for healing my mind and my soul
when I’m troubled or alone.
Manifold melodies; ethereal  tones.

Lost in genres of classic, jazz, gospel
R&B then blues,
racing tempos and soft nuances
symphonies and fugues,
and no one around to upset the ambience,
or disturb the mood.

Hours upon hours changing
playlists and styles,
I get wrapped up in memories
and get lost for a while.

Reflections of people and places
marking major milestones…
Rights of passages
felt in the depth of my heart,
to the bone, to the bone!

Through blues and the gospel
the sound of suffering and victory
swells up in my soul,
from riveting shouts of glory,
to mournful cries,
being left out in the cold.

Music is my mainstay,
like eating struggle food
When you’re broke.
Oh!  The smells, the sensations
and the emotions it invokes!

R&B strikes memories of
Doo-wop groups competing
under the streetlights.
So hip… so cool-breeze;
such a teenager’s delight!

What soul-stirring joy I feel,
What torrent of tears
pours from my spirit,
from past misery and fears.
Soul music tells sad stories
while their images appear.

That song, this album,
those jazz grooves I’ve played,
helped write my Life-song,
and the history I’ve made.

Second Hour

Seventh Solstise
Compton, CA 90222
June 22, 2019 @9:46

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