The Maypole – School Celebration, 5th Hour

5th Hour

The May Pole – School Celebration


The May Pole, a celebration of Spring,

Of things to come, of things to bring

And respite in the glare of the Sun.

To decorate the schoolyard with fun,

With ribbons and flowers for everyone.

The ladies and girls dressed up in pastels,

Snickering and chatting – silly little yells

To announce the glory of the moment to rise and stand,

For the spectacular, the miraculous, May Pole Dance;

(The first time for some to grab a Dapper boy’s hand!)

The music and frolic of heels clicking the beat,

Around the May Pole they go tapping their feet,

While parents and teachers shout from their seats,

The air filled with the smell of enticing treats.

These days were so precious to me,

As a student, as a teacher, we need days like these,

That are just meant for the pleasure and retreat

To be happy and free.

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