The Shapes I’m In

Fifth Hour

The Shapes I’m In

If you know me, you know the shape I am in.
Like a square, I can be one-dimensional,
flat and unimpressive – reclusive.I can appear one-faceted, boxed in.
Alone and exclusive.
My square days don’t define me,
But it is who I can be – Unobtrusive.

When I am a triangular prism,
there is no doubt that I am showing my best self,
Transparent – no schisms.
I can clearly see out of the four faces,
and stand tall on it’s fifth.
I have five-fold vision.

No smoking mirrors, no secrets
And no myths.
Declaring my purpose
To whosoever will,
Coming from a very dark place,
I have risen!

See me as a spiraling circle,
on an obstacle course,
learning to jump through hoops…
downward then upward,
like a driven trainer riding
a prize-winning horse,
no complaints – no remorse!

I have been a rectangular prism,
But I applaud my highs and I rest in my lows.
I am not just me by the faces you see,
But by the length, width, height, and depth,
I am a complete miracle,
Mathematical geometry!

City of Compton 90222
June 22, 2019@11:!4



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