You’ve Got Me Walking On Fire!

Tenth Hour

You’ve Got Me Walking On Fire!   

I awake in the silent darkness of night.
I hear and feel things,
from which most would take flight.
I don't have a friend nor a helpmate in sight.
I must face the solemn torment and
harsh reality of my plight.  

You've got me walking on fire,
I can't sleep at night!
You've got me burning in ire,
they're after my life!

You've got me walking through fire!
with pain sharp as a knife,
I don't know if you are with me, LORD,
but I am dying inside.
In this deadly strife,
I'm walking on fire,
until this torment subsides.

You have been with me,
every moment of my prime,
but, what I have seen, LORD, LORD!
There is no reason - no rhyme.
I'm living in pure horror,
these are the worst of times,

I can't reach hope for fear is blocking 
my contact with the divine.
I've come too far to turn around,
My feet are standing on shaky ground.

Nothing I explain seems sane or sound,
If I should scream from fright,
I would be seized and bound.

You've got me walking on fire!
You've got me burning in fire!
They are after my life!
You've got me walking in fire!
The pain stabs like a knife!

You've got me where I can't escape.
Please, have mercy Abba Father!
In your hands you hold my fate.

You said, "When the enemy
comes in like a flood
you'd raise a standard against them."
I don't see the standard,
Baruch Ha Shem.

Do you see they are 
spreading themselves like
a green bay tree
laughing, mocking you...
Mocking me.

How I long to see them learn
how powerful you are
and that they will surely burn...
"The Fire Next time,"
(James Baldwin).

Compton, CA 90222
June 22, 2019@15:48

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