How Long, Exactly, Is Eternity?

“I’ve never been to heaven, but I’ve been to Oklahoma.”
–Hoyt Axton

No one I know
has made the trip to heaven
and come back to tell about it.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
landed on the moon,
and brought back photographs.

Marco Polo came back from China
with noodles and other treasures.

Heaven, though, if it exists,
we can only imagine.
If someone tells you they know for sure,
pretty good chance, they’re lying,
or taking some other liar’s word for it.

Here’s what I’d like it to be:

Nice weather, but not the same every day.
Work to do, but not so much
that there’s no time for play.

Healthy children
with fields and forests to explore,
Dogs, cats, goats, and llamas,
Elephants, tigers, rhinos.
They’re all vegan now.

Everyone has a home,
and if they want one, a garden.
No one is shunned.
There is no such thing as cruelty.
Or boredom.
Politicians are not required.

You’re there with me, love,
as young as when we first met,
when we were in our prime,
but knowing what we know now,
how precious time is.

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