Hour 15: Excavating the Ruins

Excavating the ruins

Kenyasha found a pale doll with golden hair.

Placing it in the specimen box

With the other one, he thought

How clever!

Creating a world where

Hair can be onyx or gold

Two precious minerals together

Inhabiting the same world.

He wondered what god imagined that


Looking up at the ruins

Kenyasha saw the spires

Shrunken to shards of metal.

He had seen the captured sights

Bound together in a tome

With etchings of a language unknown

Those metals once touched the sky

Now reduced to ashes

Shadows of what once was.

He wondered what demon created that


Taking off to the stars

Kenyasha looked back

To the fading sphere

The airless world that was

And is no more.

All they could carry

Away —

Two dolls and three tomes

And the hope of decrypting them

The rest

Too hot to handle.

He wondered what evil burned that




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