Hour 23: Fireflies but No Cheese

Traveling from Chiba-ken and Tokyo to Kyoto,

We stopped to tourist in Nagoya.

We played pachinko, visited the Edo castle,

And took Kodak photos for the memory.

We did not stay for nightfall;

We saw no fireflies, doomed to die young.

It was not the mating season.


Next time I visit Nagoya

Should I be a voyeur and go during the rainy season –

When fireflies mate –

With a very good expensive camera?

Should I walk into the woods at night

So I can capture their erotic light?


I cannot shake loose the sorrow

Of the short-lived firefly

Nor the feeling-like-an-intruder on their flight.

But how else can we capture the glory of that light,

The beauty of those hours.

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