Hour 24: Border Song

Brand of people who ain’t my kind

Bless the children

The beasts are in charge

Asylum requires they come to the border

Bringing their weary

Yearning to breathe free

From death and torture

And we should let them in

Our values demand it


I have seen the spectre he has been here too

The death count mounts

And the children still cry for home

yearn for the arms of their family

“Suffer the children”

Does not mean they suffer

You are to suck it up

And do right by them

Our faiths demand it


What’s his colour I don’t care

For all that’s holy

Don’t throw the law at me

Child abuse is illegal

I sing the greatest law

About love and neighbor

Near and far

And doing unto

Our past demands it


Holy Moses I have been removed





Let’s not quibble about a name

Let’s not forget history

Our souls demand it

7 thoughts on “Hour 24: Border Song

    1. Thank you. I was sleep deprived and a bit wonky when I wrote it. The children had been on my mind the weeks before the marathon and still on my mind in that final hour. I just wrote my heart, I suppose. Wasn’t sure the writing was any good. Thanks for the affirmation.

  1. So touched by this. This topic leaves a lot of us raw on the indeed, you’ve expressed it so well. I loved your form too. The staccato of the ‘titled’ verses go very nicely with the flow of the poem. Beautiful!

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