Hour 24: Home is Where Books are

Home is where books surround me,

Where people who love books as I do

Inhabit this paradise.


Independent Bookstores –

Without coffee shops.

Narrow aisles to make room for more books.

Old and new books

Shoved willy-nilly into place

But the clerks who work there know

Where everything is.

After spending time there,

I also know how to look and find

Something I want to read.

I pay the price to support my reading addiction.

Cheaper than alcohol that can

tear down the body.

Not as pleasurable as sex but without

the risk of heartbreak.


Libraries —

Espeically old ones

in brick or stone buildings

with wooden shelves

instead of glass or metal.

Large hardwood tables

Two kinds of chairs:

Hard wooden ones to keep me alert

Ready to write or study;

Padded plush ones I can sink into

With my book and tarry

Until they close

Then I check out books to take


To my house where loved ones reside

And books I own surround me in every room.


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