Hour Twenty-Four: Traveling outside my window

Travel with me


Through the slits in my blinds

My ever-growing evergreen buries the mailbox

kisses the windowpane

every time the wind blows


To the right of the walk

An ancient maple that attacked my roof last spring

When it lost one of its arms

Leaving a hole that dripped with rain

And left a staining mark on the ceiling over my head


My sad lawn a spotted green

Holes where the squirrels bury their nuts through fall

And dig up when the trees die

Hanging planter incongruously in the center

A gift from a friend

who chose the spot without my permission

Nothing lives inside

Broken solar lights along the path


When winter comes, you’ll find more beauty

In the peaceful snow glowing under the moonlight


Exit through the tired and broken



picket fence


Look past the dragon house across the street

(The name over the front porch: Dragon Flyte)

The dragon lover that named it has died

But her spirit lingers in the name


Beyond, pointing to the heavens

world famous concrete silos that friendly geese call home


Look up!

Look up!


Joy in the morning sky!

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