Random Prompt (11)

“All I knew was that I wanted to
spend New Year’s Eve with you”
What happened to that woman?

What happened to the woman who
leaned over the table and whispered
“you look beautiful tonight”

What happened to the woman who said
“I’m going to marry you”

What happened to the woman who
felt safe when I held her

What happened to the woman who put
her arm around me and held me close

What happened to the woman who was going to
get a sledgehammer to knock her walls down to
make us work

Where did that woman go
and who the hell is this one?

8 thoughts on “Random Prompt (11)

  1. I love the internality of this; AND the potential for differing interpretations (to me, this is the best kind of poem – written from the poet’s heart while reaching the reader’s). And the ending … such a poignant statement of aging. Thank you.

  2. Your use of questions creates a hammer effect which is echoed so wonderfully by the reference to someone who was gong to sledgerhammer her walls down? The loss of promise and possibility fill this poem. The regret at such a loss and the loss of a younger self. A searing question: who the hell is this one! That lovely unexpected turn to the speaker in the poem not the subject of the poem up to that moment! Thank you!

  3. Susan- Random Prompt 11 Had me from the beginning!I love the progression of this poem with the question…What happened to..” This adds a great dynamic and relationship between author and reader. It kept me wanting to read more…I love the imagery of the last two lines of your working together to tear down her walls and then the last line…where the hell did she go- fantastic! You will have to find a title from one of these beautiful images…

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