(#16/24): “Parity”

This growing divide between rich and poor,

That disparity between obscene wealth and abject poverty,

A gap which grows only larger, not narrower,

Fills me with great anger.


Would I to take up my bow and arrows as Robin of the Hood,

A pair of pistols as the Highwayman Dick Turpin,

Or rapier of justice as Zorro rides once more,

And roaming the high seas as did Black Bart.


I would love to redress this grave balance.

Relieving the bourgeoisie of their affluence,

And redistributing to the proletariat.

A Holy Terror to the Ungodly.


© 2017 S Phua

One thought on “(#16/24): “Parity”

  1. I like the passion and politics of this one, the celebration of the old days before assault rifles and courts protected the wrongdoers.

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