“(Hour 12 of 12) at last”

Well, our time is up, said my shrink with a wink.

Our little session certainly went in a blink.

You’ve talked about the people but they’re all in the past,

And it’s good that you let it all out at last.

But it’s all ancient history,

Like L.P. Hartley* says, it’s a foreign country.

The future out there is what’s paramount.

Life is short, so make it count.


You certainly do things differently here, I ventured.



* “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.”

(Opening line in The Go-Between, L.P. Hartley, 1953.)



© 2020 S Phua

3 thoughts on ““(Hour 12 of 12) at last”

  1. This is a witty, wry and well crafted poem! Kudos to you for incorporating the prose line so well into your poem! I am a rhyming couplet kind of gal and loved the rhyme scheme and humour of the first couple of lines. Well done! And, well played!

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