The elegy of the modern man

The city-a place where young people

bump into each other because of what?

Because of their smartphones, naturally!

God, so much concrete and so many phones!


The phones are smart, but smombies simply are not

since they go out without seeing nature, people.

Their whole life is on that screen and they cannot

disconnect even in traffic, risking their lives any second!


They cross parks without seeing the trees,

they forgot to look around and to smile.

These modern slaves dispel human faces,

doing technology on a regular basis!


Smombies are sad prisoners of their screens

and not at all aware of normal society’s screams.

They can become smart bombs activated by technology,

so they could be named sbombies if nothing at all changes!


2 thoughts on “The elegy of the modern man

  1. Wow, an instance where I would be happy to describe myself as ‘disconnected’ …
    No pedestrians, vehicle-drivers or zombies were harmed while I read your poem and wrote this reply. Well-written !

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