What are all these emotions I’m feeling
Am I falling to deep in my feelings
Am I moving to fast do I need to shut these feelings down

Am what I feeling is real
Or is it his sweet words that have me all in my feelings
Are his words truly genuine or is it a card game that he dealing

Am I falling for the nice guy this time
Or is it boogie man in disguise
Waiting to build my hopes up then tear it all down at a drop of a dime

Am I letting my past interfere with my future
Or is this a sign I should keep my guard up
I’m so afraid of all these feelings
I feel like running and just leaving

Am I running from a good man who can truly love me
Or is this fate thats warning me that this right here not ment to be

Could he be what I truly need
Or is it me that is wounded and want this to be
Be what I always wanted and all these emotions i feel inside
Is it me making it something that’s really is nothing

But what if he’s the one that can change my whole world
What if his feelings are genuine for me
Am I going to run from these feelings because I’m scare to see if this man could be what I need

I need a sign to show me where this so call relationship we have going on is a path I need to take or should I run away because it just a fantasy I don’t want to escape
My heart can’t take anymore heartache
So I need a sign to give me a peace of mind

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