I was supposed to protect my heart
I wasn’t supposed to give it away
To feel the pain I felt when I first gave my heart away

I was supposed to protect it for falling into the wrong hands
I wasn’t supposed to fall for him
To feel this feelings I felt so long ago but I gave it to the wrong soul

I was supposed to protect it from letting my guard down
I wasn’t supposed to become vulnerable
To feel like he was different from the men I use to deal with

I was supposed to protect it from breaking
I wasn’t supposed to love this hard again
To feel like I actually found someone who could truly love me for me

But i fail my heart tremendously because I didn’t protect it. I gave it away. I let him take it from me. But its not he’s fault because I fall for him and made it easy for him to take the most precious thing from me.

I fail it because I laid my heart on the line
Knowing it will be a possibility it will get broken. But my vulnerable had me thinking if you dont let your guards down how will you every find love.

So to my heart I’m so sorry I let you down. I was supposed to protect you but I thought maybe the right one will find me. But I make this promise to you I will guard you with a purpose that one day someone special will come and protect you.

They will make you forget about that first and let’s pray last heartbreak. They will protect it with all they have. They will make you see, with them you are safe and it will be true love that one and only open handed love. So heart I got you I promise I won’t let you down…

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