Different (Hour 3)

The keys clattered loudly as her fingers flew,

The noise a soothing release of what felt she knew.

Their visions were different for the group,

She knew that when they met.

She kept on going just in case,

Things changed inside her head.


Stuck deep in the mire of longing,

Wanting to be seen and known, but scared.

Wanting it to be different, wanting people that would care.

The anxiety kept rising, week after week,

Different, not together, not able to express her doubts,

The group wasn’t what she hoped,  she had to find her way out.


Running wasn’t the answer, she did it every time.

She’d have to change her tactic, to try to more than just survive.

The meeting scheduled to talk, one on one with the group lead,

The very next day rescheduled, it was hard enough to believe.

Different, not together, though perhaps that was okay,

The meeting no longer needed, she was stronger yet that day.



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