The Letter (Hour 4, Prompt 4)

P, you taught me to be careful of saying “I love you”,

I’ve changed a lot since we last met, my friends say that is true.

You’d like them and their kindness, the dinners that we share.

It’s nice to know that always there is someone that will care.

I’ve moved away from London, to Middle-earth to find my names.

Sherlock will always be special, but I am not the same.

I grow flowers in my garden; cucumbers on the vine.

I still grow wistful, for once upon a time.

My hair shows streaks of gray.

My vision does slowly fade.

I wear multi-focus lenses now every day.

I imagine you’ve aged quite gracefully,

you seemed to have that knack.

I hope this letter finds you well.

If time permits, please write back.

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