Hour 24: Window

The windows of my heart
that peeps into reality
wiping off the mud
got stuck with time.

The window to my longing desire
to jump and dance
seeing the birds chirping
and dirty glance of the rainbow

the window of my yearning love
waiting for the day to come
to be loved
the way these
love birds show their prance

Coyright Snigdha

3 thoughts on “Hour 24: Window

  1. Ah, this made me smile. Your many “windows” actually help us readers look more deeply into yourself because each becomes a bit more intimate.

    There’s great hope in this. For me, the first moment of hope comes with the reference to wiping off the stuck mud, and that seems to make you all the lighter to “jump and dance”. I also like the birds chirping and dirty glance of the rainbow — a sort of energetic, playful defiance in that. That last reference to the love birds engaged in a prance made this quite lovely and light. I enjoyed this!

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