I need your love

I need your love
I need your understanding
I am tree
I live in the forest
I live around your house
I provide you with shelter
I serve as wind brakes
I provide you with oxygen
From my green leaves
I leave you refreshed
All day long
I act as your shade
When the sun is at its zenith
I remain faithful
Never complaining
Always taking the brunt of weather changes on my broad branches
I do not complain when you cut off my branches
I bear the pain
When you rip off my leaves
I murmur not a word
This is because i love you
You despise me, i know
And yet i remain faithfully loving you
You seek to bring me to my knees
By cutting me down
What is my offence?
What is my sin?
I do you only good
You repay me with planned destruction
I need your love
Please love me back
Albeit, a little
Do not kill me
Do not take away my pride
I beseech you
I need your love

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