My Romance With The Bottle

My romance with the bottle
I beseech thee oh bottle!
I greet thee oh bottle!
My best friend!
My comforter!
My confidant!
My bulwark….never failing!
I have come again
As I usually come
To seek solace…in your depths!
To seek your brand of wisdom!
To seek…a dulling of the senses
To seek forgetfulness
To be lulled away…soothed in your arms…as usual
They call me drunkard
But I really couldn’t be bothered
What do they know…anyways!
They do not comprehend the enjoyment found in your depths
The particular brand of wisdom…found in your recesses
They say I stagger and fall in the gutters after exploring your depths
Bully for them..I say!
Is it their “stagger”? Is it their “fall”?
The bottle is mine….and I am his
Nothing can separate us
Oh bottle……
Thou bottle….
When I am filled to the hilt…I spew the peculiar brand of wisdom
That……can only be found in your depth
Unpaid bills forgotten…
Responsibilities……cast aside
I vow most solemnly to continue to find solace in you
Nothing can change that
Nothing will change that
I greet thee oh bottle
My loyalty lies…solely with you
Thank you for a life changing transformation
I salute thee…I salute thee!
This romance will…last forever!

My Romance With The Bottle

2 thoughts on “My Romance With The Bottle

  1. I lived with someone who had this exact romance…and, yes, “life changing transformation” is accurate. The tone may come off as flippant to some, but that tone is exactly accurate in some stages of the alcoholic’s life…I’ve watched it in dismay. This poem is well done.

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