Prompt#24, hey

From my windows

I saw a snake

It was slipping around unnoticed

in poetry marathon pages

it was looking for my neck

to constrict my free speech

but i outflew it

and landed right in middle

making more trouble

than a snake or even monkey

they want to give me a name

make memes out of it

and memorabilise

my entry and exit

This window seat

gives me the vantage

to enjoy the view

and laugh along


I shut it close

and storms in tea-cups

seem mild

compared to howling winds

in tunnels of ears

whoooo, whooooosh,

shhh, shhhhh, shhhhhhh

is it the sea receding

or the sea-shells on benaulim beach singing

Through my window I spy

you under umbrellas yellow and blue


using what i wrote

to gain green cards

but forgetting

it is an artificial sea bowl

the man in the ship on the other side

is the time-keeper

He is useless

when it comes to gaurding the coast

he’s let in

the dark crows who see it all

with red raven eyes





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